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Successful Reproduction is crucial
to successful dairy farming

Many leading New Zealand dairy farmers report significant improvements in their herd reproductive performance with AgriSea Animal Nutrition. We’ve noted hugely improved submission and conception rates. We’ve also noted significantly lowered rates of empties, abortions, stillborns and retained foetal membranes (RFM’s).

If an effective herd health programme and all round performance & profitability is important to you.......

Why AgriSea Animal Nutrition

Good nutrition, with an adequate intake of the essential minerals and trace elements, is critical to your herd’s reproductive performance and success.

AgriSea Animal Nutrition is a naturally brewed nutritional supplement designed to give your herd a vast array of nutrients for optimum health and performance. It contains a wide range of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids that are naturally chelated and immediately bio-available to your herd.

AgriSea Animal Nutrition bolsters the immune system and prevents a variety of health problems directly related to nutritional deficiency. It provides a boost and increases resistance and recovery during times of metabolic stress.


Your calves are your future herd – getting them off to a good start is crucial.

Calves and young stock have high nutritional requirements.

Well-fed calves who receive all the necessary minerals and trace elements for optimum health will be more resistant to health problems, while rapidly achieving weaning weights with
well-developed rumens.


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