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Calf club

AgriSea New Zealand Celebrates Ten Years
of Supporting the Farmers of Tomorrow

For more than 100 years rural Kiwi kids have been nurturing and training calves, lambs and other animals for school Calf Club day. For the last ten years, leading sustainable company AgriSea New Zealand has been doing its best to support the initiative throughout New Zealand. The Paeroa based multi-award winning company is proud to have had such a long association with the rural tradition.

“Calf Club is as Kiwi as jandals, pavlova, and barbecues at the beach,” says Marketing Manager Tane Bradley, “As well as encouraging children to take an active interest in feeding and training an animal of their choice, they are a great opportunity for parents and students to share a fun day off the farm with their communities.”

This year 10,000 students from more than 240 rural schools will receive a bottle of AgriSea’s seaweed-derived animal health concentrate for their four-legged friends and something for their own hard work and commitment too. In association with AgriSea, Skellerup has donated a pair of red bandals (a cross between red band gumboots and jandals) to each school, Milk Bar is coming to the party with a portable calf feeder for each school, and Swanndri is throwing in a t-shirt for good measure.

“A big thankyou once again to our valued and loyal supporters,” says Tane, “We hope they get as much satisfaction as we do from supporting the farmers of tomorrow.”

Receiving thank you letters and photos of the students with their animals and ribbons is one of the highlights of the programme for Tane. Students can also post their Calf Club photos on AgriSea’s Facebook page for a chance to star in NZ Dairy Farmer.

“It’s really cool to think some of the kids we supported ten years ago will now be out there in the field milking cows and learning about sustainable farming. Many farmers remember their first Calf Club day. It’s a great way to get kids engaged and inspired about pursuing a career in the industry.”

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